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Public Participation In Sustainability Science

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This book discusses how citizens can participate more effectively in sustainability science and environmental policy debates. It discusses designs for participatory procedures, and experiences of their application to issues of global change. While the focus is on citizen participation, the involvement of specific stakeholders - including water managers and venture capitalists - is also addressed. The book describes how focus group methods were combined with the interactive use of computer models into new forms of participation, tested with six hundred citizens. The results are discussed in relation to other important topics, including greenhouse gas and water management. By combining this with an examination of issues of interactive governance and developing country participation, the book provides state-of-the-art, practical insights for students, researchers and policy makers alike.

Social Sustainability

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How can we raise the standard of living of the world's poor and maintain high levels of social health and well-being in the developed world, while simultaneously reducing the environmental damage wrought by human activity? The social dimension of sustainability is becoming recognized as a necessary if not sufficient condition for attaining economic and environmental sustainability. The requisite dialogue requires inclusion at multi-levels. This collection of works is an ambitious and multi-disciplinary effort to indemnify and articulate the design, implementation and implications of inclusion. Included are theoretical and empirical pieces that examine the related issues at the local, national and international levels. Contributors are grounded in Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, Public Administration, Public Health, Psychology, Anthropology, Social Work, Education, and Natural Resource Management.

Agricultural Restructuring And Sustainability : A Geographical Perspective

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SECTION I: Conceptualizing agricultural restructuring and sustainability 1. Sustainable development: a critical review of rural land use policy in the UK 2. Sustainability, spatial hierarchies and land-based production 3. Greening and globalizing: agriculture in 'the new times' SECTION II: Family farming and farming culture 4. Sustainable technologies, sustainable farms: farms, households and structural change 5. Environmental change and farm restructuring in Britain: the impact of the farm family life cycle 6. The construction of environmental meanings within 'farming culture': the implications for agri-environmental research 7. Community-level worldviews and the sustainability of agriculture SECTION III: Diversification and alternative agriculture 8. Rural re-regulation and institutional sustainability: a case study of alternative farming systems in England 9. On- and off-farm business diversification by farm households in England 10. Great Plains agroecologies: the continuum from conventional to alternative agriculture in Colorado SECTION IV: Agriculture sustainability and climate change 11. Agricultural system response to environmental stress 12. Adaptability of agricultural systems to global climate change: a Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada pilot study 13. Agricultural response to climate change: a preliminary investigation of farm-level adaptation in Southern Alberta SECTION V: Sustainable agriculture and environmental policy 14. Policy, sustainability and scale: the US Conservation Reserve Programme 15. Something old, new, borrowed and blue: the marriage of agriculture and conservation in England 16. Farmer reaction to agri-environmental schemes: a study of participants in south west England and the implications for research and policy development 17. Achieving sustainability in agricultural land management through landowner involvement in stewardship programmes SECTION VI: Sustainability and restructuring the agricultural system 18. Scale change, discontinuity and polarization in Canadian farm-based rural systems 19. Sustainability issues in the industrialization of hog production in the United States 20. Sustainable agriculture and its social geographic context in Ontario 21. Restructuring for rural sustainability: overcoming scale conflicts and cultural biases


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