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Mini Farming For Beginners

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Learn How To Become Self-Sufficient By Building Your Own Mini Farm*** Limited Time Offer! *** Get A FREE Bonus With This Book!Families or individuals who don't have the luxury of having a good gardening spot in their homes may find that indoor gardening may be the best option. Even during the winter season when most outdoor plants can't grow, you can still enjoy your favorite veggies by gardening inside the house. Plants don't just provide food, but are also excellent filters for pollution and are therefore good indoor companions. What's even more interesting is that most indoor plants don't take up that much space, which means even if all that you have is a windowsill, you can still grow them. This guide contains a collection of the best gardening projects to help you get started with your indoor gardening adventures. PREVIEW OF THE BOOKMason Jar Sprouts Mini Herb Garden Growing Basil From Your Leftovers at Home Growing Peas Indoors Growing Avocado Directly From Seed A Guide to Growing Thyme How to Force Bloom Amaryllis Bulbs Growing Peach Indoors 5 Flowering Indoor Plants Steps to Growing Mushrooms Indoors Growing Cherry Tomatoes Inside Steps to Growing Mint Indoors Growing Mulberry Indoors Growing Fig Tree Indoors THANK YOU BONUS Limited Time Offer! Get This Book At The Discounted Price of $3.99Don't have Kindle? No worries! You can read it on your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet! Simply Scroll Up And Select "Buy" To Get Your Hands On This Mini Farming Guide!--------------- TAGS: mini farming for beginners, gardening, farming, planting, urban farming, gardening techniques, mini farm, homesteading

Idea Farming

RRP $13.99

As the subtitle state, this is "A Science Guy's Read on Writing." Over 8 chapters, the booklet explores how to find and idea and develop it into everything from a short story to a novella to a novel to a book series. Using the analogy of various types of gardening and farming, author C. R. Downing presents personal experience and advice gleaned from others over his writing career.Written in a conversational style, the booklet is designed for budding and experienced writers from teenagers through adults. While many of the examples included focus on science fiction writing, Downing's primary genre, the underlying principles and process easily lend themselves to application in any fiction field.Readers who are looking for practical, easy to understand methodologies and tips on improving their writing will find this book an invaluable addition to their libraries--one that is consulted often.

Quail Farming For Beginners

RRP $16.99

Are you looking forward to raising quails for the first time? This book is specifically dedicated to you. It's a quick A to Z beginners' guide on raising healthy quails. This book has a wealth of valuable information covering major key areas in quail farming including: how to start quail farming as a beginner, what to include in a quail farming business plan, raising quails for profit, raising quails for fun, Housing, health, general care, food and nutritional requirements. Breeding: how to select, incubate, hatch quail eggs and take good care of quail chicks into adulthood. Quail diseases: Causes, preventions and treatments have also been adequately covered plus a bonus section on invaluable measures you can put in place to help you raise healthy quails.The contents herein have been deeply researched and carefully woven together in an easy to understand language and style. Taking your time to go through this invaluable material is one investment you'll never regret to have taken!


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Sustainability Self Sufficiency Sustainable Living
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