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Women Of The Living Dead

RRP $29.99

Many have called women the fairer sex. To those I say, come home late from a night out with the guys when the wife expects you home three hours ago. See the venom in her eyes as she stares you down and I defy any man not to cringe like a whipped poodle. In many ways, women are the stronger sex. Take childbirth for instance. It's highly doubtful a man could take pushing a football out a hole three times too small. Most men run for Mommy the second they get a splinter or a cold. And that's where this anthology shines. Like a teenage girl in high school, females can be more ruthless, cunning and evil than any man on the planet. Lacking empathy, they can slice up a person's self esteem till there's nothing left but bloody pieces. And now an all female stable of writers have been allowed to run free in the world of the undead. So see the living dead through a woman's eyes. But be might not like what stares back at you. With stories by: Alyn Day, Gretchen Elhassani, Chauma Smith Guss, Jennifer Goraczkowski, Jennifer Koehler, Rebecca Snow, Katie Simmons J.L. Petty, Suzanne Robb, Dana Bell, Marilyn Simpson, Julianne Snow and Candis Vargo.

Conserving Living Natural Resources

RRP $28.55

Conserving Living Natural Resources is an introductory textbook for students of conservation biology and resource management. It presents the historical and conceptual contexts of three seminal approaches to the management of living natural resources: utilitarian management for harvest of featured species and control of unwanted species, protection and restoration of populations and habitats to maintain biodiversity, and management of complex ecosystems to sustain both productivity and biodiversity. The book shows how the first two approaches were grounded in the belief that nature is 'in balance' and that people are outsiders, and then goes on to show how the 'flux-of-nature' paradigm suggests new strategies for conservation grounded in a view of nature as dynamic, and people as participants in the natural world. Rather than endorsing a single approach as the only correct one, this book investigates the historical and philosophical contexts, conceptual frameworks, principal techniques, and the limitations of each approach.

Making A Living

RRP $363.99

Livelihoods in rural Africa are changing in response to disappearing job prospects, falling agricultural output and collapsing infrastructure. This book explains why the responses to these challenges are so different in different parts of Africa. Making a Living uses case studies from commercial farming regions in Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe and from much poorer areas within eastern and southern Africa to give a broad comparative study of rural livelihoods. These case studies reveal how household relations, poverty and gender all play a part in the changing political economy of rural Africa.

Economic Potential Of A Larger Europe

RRP $340.99

The Economic Potential of a Larger Europe gives insights into past, present and future issues related to the ongoing EU enlargement process. Providing a unique forum for debate and a multiplicity of views and experiences from both high-profile academics and those who engage with enlargement on an implementation level, this book covers a wide range of topics that are key to a successful transition and integration process and thus to the provision of a prosperous growth environment within a larger Europe. Special attention is paid to monetary integration, notably entry into ERM II, on which representatives of the national central banks involved present their views. Given the non-technical language of most contributions, this publication targets a broad audience generally interested in the future of the EU, in the design of the enlargement process, and in the challenges of reform on the road to a stronger Europe. This is a book that can be recommended for economists as well as experts in the fields of European integration, Central and Eastern Europe and EU enlargement from governments, international organizations, central, commercial and investment banks and universities and research institutes.

God's Wisdom - A Key To Living Victoriously

RRP $16.99

God's Wisdom - A Key to Living Victoriously is designed to help developing Christians of all ages and levels of spiritual maturity apply principles of wisdom in their daily lives. The book points out that God's Wisdom is available to all of His Children, and we should seek it. Solomon shares the importance of Wisdom and how each believer can acquire the Wisdom of God. The Wisdom of God can help the believer in his or her daily walk. Whether the daily task deals with family relationships, job situations, or community issues, applying God's wisdom serves to strengthen not only the believer but those with whom he or she interacts .


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