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Living Health; Very Special Place Lvl 4

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Focusing on traditional medicine and healing, this text begins with a short story. The second part of the book is a fact file on traditional and Western medicine.

Living A Blessed Life

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You are destined for greatness! The life that you have always wanted is within your grasp. Everyone is born with the knowledge of how to live a blessed life. This is the life you dreamt of as a child. Those dreams used to be dismissed as mere childhood fantasy. Join Grant Virtue in following these easy to use steps to rediscover that blessed life. Reclaim your destiny and make the life you previously only dreamed of become a reality!

Living The Saved Life

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Many know what it is to be 'saved, ' to become a Christian, but living a saved or Christian life can be quite another matter, especially when things don't turn out as we expect them to be. In this book the writer takes us through the book of James, a book addressed to a people who had retreated and cooled off in their faith because of varying temptations and trials - things hadn't turned out as they had expected. This is no book of straw as Martin Luther the Reformer claimed but a book with a vital and powerful message for all God's people down through the centuries and needed as much today - it is a message of steel. Covering a range of human experience - trials and temptations, partiality, faith and works, the tongue, anger and more - James turns out to be a lovingly challenging book that gets under our skin and roots out the problem and drives us to the answer.

True And False Recovered Memories

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Beginning in the 1990s, the contentious "memory wars" divided psychologists into two schools of thought: that adults' recovered memories of childhood abuse were generally true, or that they were generally not, calling theories, therapies, professional ethics, and survivor credibility into question. More recently, findings from cognitive psychology and neuroimaging as well as new theoretical constructs are bringing balance, if not reconciliation, to this polarizing debate. Based on presentations at the 2010 Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, True and False Recovered Memories: Toward a Reconciliation of the Debate assembles an expert panel of scholars, professors, and clinicians to update and expand research and knowledge about the complex interaction of cognitive, emotional, and motivational factors involved in remembering-and forgetting-severe childhood trauma. Contrasting viewpoints, elaborations on existing ideas, challenges to accepted models, and intriguing experimental data shed light on such issues as the intricacies of identity construction in memory, post-trauma brain development, and the role of suggestive therapeutic techniques in creating false memories. Taken together, these papers add significant new dimensions to a rapidly evolving field. Featured in the coverage:├┐ ├┐The cognitive neuroscience of true and false memories.├┐ ├┐Toward a cognitive-neurobiological model of motivated forgetting.├┐ ├┐The search for repressed memory.├┐ ├┐A theoretical framework for understanding recovered memory experiences.├┐ ├┐Cognitive underpinnings of recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse.├┐ ├┐Motivated forgetting and misremembering: perspectives from betrayal trauma theory. Clinical and cognitive psychologists on all sides of the debate will welcome True and False Recovered Memories as a trustworthy reference, an impartial guide to ongoing controversies, and a springboard for future inquiry.

The Life And Behavior Of Living Organisms

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Jaques presents a totally new general theoretical foundation for understanding the individual and social behavior of all living organisms. In contrast to existing theories of behavior which are static, Jaques has succeeded in breaking through to a truly dynamic orientation. This breakthrough, resulted from his fundamental research into work organizations that led to the realization that the difference between inanimate processes and all living behavior, is that all living behavior is composed of intentional goal-directed work.

This continuous work entails the use of judgment in choosing goals and in making the decisions necessary to get to these goals. This work process is the same in all living organisms, including humans. It is an ineffable process of the total organism, inaccessible to direct observation and experience. Intentionality is the dynamic of behavior. This discovery has led over the past 50 years to extensive discoveries--objective measures of work complexity, and of the level of complexity (capability) of individuals in all species; how human language differs from communication in other species; the need to distinguish between horizontal evolutionary mutations within a given level of capability, and vertical evolution to species with higher levels of complexity; the nature of freedom within mutual-trust inducing constraints. Set forth to radically change the nature of all behavioral and social sciences in the new millenium, Jaques' analysis is essential reading for all scholars, students, and researchers as well as the general public involved with the behavior of living organisms.


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